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Method Man Launches Tical World™



Method Man is a multi-talented personality, having transitioned his multi-platinum, award-winning success in the music industry into the film industry, with an award-winning career in acting and producing; as an NAACP Award-winning actor in Power: Book II and executive producing “Wu-tang: An American Saga,” now entering its second season on Hulu. Now, the self-proclaimed “comic book geek,” and host of the Marvel / Method podcast, is following in the footsteps of Stan Lee by launching his own comic universe, Tical World, featuring original characters that will evolve into storylines for interactive comic books, TV shows, feature films, and video games. Tical World is breaking new ground by releasing original characters, artwork, and music in both physical, traditional form and via non-fungible tokens (NFTs). His anthology is a sharp contrast to the “cash grabs” that NFTs have become synonymous with, by launching an ongoing, interactive world that is centered around creating a new experience through which to connect with his fans. TuneGO®, Inc. will secure the content and creative rights for Method Man’s Tical World in the patented TuneGO Vault.

Tical World will be an interactive comic community, giving audiences the opportunity to offer creative direction, interact with characters, purchase NFT rights to ownership, and create new storylines. Fans can sign up for limited-capacity early access to the Tical World community at

Tical World Logo

The universe will be securely hosted on TuneGO’s next-generation global platform, with NFTs minted on the energy efficient Flow blockchain. The patented TuneGO Vault, which creates a verifiable and indisputable “digital record” of the entire creative process, will be used to ensure the content and creative rights of Tical World are transparently secured and protected. 

The first of the three Tical World NFT drops, called Part 1: The ORIGIN, will include:

  • Original one-of-a-kind artwork of the Tical World anthology—a Killa Beez-inspired painting on canvas, on display digitally at and entitled “Who M I?”, by renowned New York City artist Alex Smetsky, which will be signed to the buyer by Method Man and Mr. Smetsky.
  • Original 3D-enabled digital animation depicting part I of the anthology.
  • Unreleased, original audio by Method Man, with original music composition and production by Van Gogh.
  • Five physical and digital artist renderings of the five original Tical World comic characters, representing the comic universe’s “Da Vinci sketches,” and signed by artist Alex Smetsky.
  • The first minted gold VIP card for Tical World and Tical Athletics, Method Man’s athleisure brand, offering exclusive discounts, access to limited-edition designer collaborations, physical and digital apparel, and the capability for the cardholder to be the first to access new product drops.

“The owner of this NFT will be purchasing a piece of history—as if they were buying the original sketches of Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry Potter characters,” said Alison Ball, President of TuneGO. “Method Man’s Tical World is introducing a new interactive experience that combines the digital and the physical to give its fan community a say in the creative process. We are proud to work with Method Man, and a variety of other artists, to secure the ownership rights to the content they bring to today’s audiences in new ways.”

The environmentally friendly Tical World uses Proof-of-State design principles via Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, consuming thousands of times less energy than traditional Proof-of-Work blockchains like Ethereum. Combined with the TuneGO Vault, Method Man’s first NFT drop incorporates the world’s most advanced and environmentally friendly technology solutions for content security, creative rights protection, and equitable royalty collection.

Credit: Alex Smetsky

“The patented TuneGO Vault complements blockchain technology by adding an extra layer of transparency that enhances the long-term value of an NFT’s artwork and creative content throughout its lifespan,” said John Kohl, Co-Founder and CEO of TuneGO. “With the support of TuneGO, it is possible to own both the original physical, and digital, renderings of Tical World comic characters, all minted via the blockchain. As more artists introduce creative content through the minting of NFTs, we can help them prove they own what they create, and trade what they create as unique assets that can’t be copied or replaced.”

The enhanced, patented TuneGO Vault, launched earlier this year, is a first-of-its-kind solution giving artists and labels full control over the entire creative process, providing the ability to establish a chain of custody for a song, or pieces of artwork, prior to the minting of an NFT. This level of detailed tracking of creative rights and contributions has never before been available to artists.

About TuneGO

TuneGO® Inc. is leveling the playing field in the music industry. We streamline content and music rights management, creative collaboration, plus distribution, licensing, and promotion, on a single unified digital platform, enabling artists and creatives to focus on what they do best—making music. Our patented technology stores a complete, permanent digital record of the music creation process in the cloud, essentially digitizing an artist’s catalog while protecting creative rights throughout their career. TuneGO’s end-to-end ecosystem also offers streaming distribution, sync licensing opportunities, and promotional services to help artists take their music to the global stage.

By giving artists, labels, and publishers the capability to securely manage their digital content and control their creative rights on the same platform where they distribute and license their music—ensuring artists are paid all of the royalties to which they are entitled—TuneGO is breaking new ground in the music industry. To learn more, please visit or contact TuneGO at TuneGO is a free download in the app store and is powered by cutting-edge technology which has more than 100 granted patent claims.

About Tical World

Method Man’s Tical World™ will be the first of its kind to provide a community owned, character-based experience that transcends the digital and physical world. As the origin story is told via exclusive artwork, animations, and music, the future will be unfolding as the characters, already slated for an original series of comic books, animated films, and video games, are released to the community. In addition, relevant designer collaborations across physical and digital apparel will be available on the Tical World Store at, and through Method Man’s athleisure line, Tical Athletics. To learn more, and sign up for early access to Tical World, please visit

Media Contact:
Kyle Kappmeier
JConnelly for TuneGO

Artist and Tical World™ Contact:
El Mannes


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Online Tool Helps in Finding Grants and Tax Incentives




Black-owned fintech and finance company Novae LLC announced the launch of a new online tool designed to help small businesses to find grants and tax incentives that can help them to grow exponentially.

Called Novae Grants, the new tool will allow users to search a database of thousands of financial assistance opportunities from both the government and the private sector. Tax credits that small businesses may qualify for will also be included in the database.

Novae founder Reco McCambry says that the grants his team is gathering for inclusion in the database range from $500 to $5 million in size, and are designed to help business owners serve their communities. The grants include town- and city-based grants to revitalize local businesses and create jobs, and federal and think tank grants to support renewable energy, tech, and innovation.

“The idea is to make it as easy as possible for small businesses to locate the support they need to grow,” McCambry says. “Whether you’re a mom and pop shop or a good-sized startup, you may be doing something that one of these agencies wants to promote for the sake of the public good.”

McCambry notes that most of the grants which have so far been located and placed in the Novae Grants database are intended for small businesses with 6-100 employees, though some are also intended for larger businesses and sole proprietor startups.

“We know that local businesses make us more secure,” McCambry told me in our interview, “and we know that innovation often comes from startups. There are a lot of organizations that recognize this and offer funding to support these missions. But not many people know how to find these grants, and many assume they won’t qualify because they aren’t in some specialized public service role. Our mission is to change that and bring this money into our communities.”

The Novae Grants search engine is now available at In addition to grants, Novae also helps companies build business credit, provides access to traditional business funding, and offers businesses the ability to provide consumer financing for their high-ticket offerings.

Novae and CEO McCambry’s mission to increase access to financing for businesses and customers in underserved communities has helped the company and its CEO to earn numerous awards and distinctions in recent years. Novae has been included on the Inc 5000 list of the 5000 fastest-growing businesses in America for two years running, while McCambry was recently named Innovator of the Year at the annual Bank Customer Experience Summit and received an Outstanding Leadership Award at Money2.0 this Spring.

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Cullen/Frost announces election of Joseph A. Pierce




Joseph A. Pierce has been elected to the board of directors of Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. He has joined the board’s Corporate Governance and Nominating, Compensation and Benefits, and Technology committees.

Cullen/Frost Chairman and CEO Phil Green said, “(Pierce’s) legal, financial services and marketing expertise will be very useful as we pursue our organic growth strategy, and he is a great match for the Frost philosophy and our core values of integrity, caring and excellence.”
Headquartered in San Antonio, Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. is a financial holding company with $51.8 billion in assets as of June 30, 2022. Founded in 1868, Frost has helped clients with their financial needs for three centuries.

Pierce is the senior vice president and general counsel of AMB Sports and Entertainment at The Blank Family of Businesses. In that role, he counsels and advises across all areas of the organization, including the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United and the PGA Tour Superstores. Previously Pierce held positions including senior vice president and chief legal officer at Hornets Sports and Entertainment, overseeing legal and business administration for the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association. He has also served as senior vice president and associate general counsel of global marketing and corporate affairs at Bank of America, Comcast Sports Television Group, and Jacksonville Jaguars Ltd.
Pierce holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Georgetown University, and dual Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration degrees from the Wharton School of Business and University of Pennsylvania Law School.

While he lives in Atlanta, he grew up in San Antonio and is very familiar with Frost.
“My family banked with Frost, and that’s how I knew of the bank’s customer service and the impact of Frost family in the community,” Pierce said.

In a 2018 NBA article on Pierce, he told the story about one of his track teammates, Ray Humphrey, who was a role model for him in juggling athletics and getting a law degree at the same time. Pierce said he used many of his experiences as a collegiate athlete to help him in his career and education.

He also shared in that same article that three of his four grandparents had doctorate degrees, which is not typical in many families but unusual in African-American families at that time. They all taught at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and were influential role models in his life.
“Growing up, I saw the impact of what education was able to do for them in their own lives, but more importantly, I saw the impact they could make with their own students that they taught. Going through life and meeting people that were students of my grandparents was great to see and really showed a lesson that it’s important to give back and make sure you do what you can to help other people grow,” Pierce said in the NBA article.

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City of San Antonio to Launch $500,000 Capacity Building & Bonding Assistance Program to Grow Local Small Businesses




In the ongoing effort to support local small businesses, this week the City of San Antonio Economic Development Department, and the San Antonio Economic Development Corporation (SAEDC) launched the Capacity Building & Bonding Assistance Program administered in partnership with Alamo Surety Bonds.

This program will provide surety and bond assistance to eligible local small, minority, and woman-owned businesses seeking City construction contracts. This assistance is designed to establish, enhance, and increase the program participant’s bonding capabilities and capacity, which should lead to an increase in the number and size of City construction contracts they are both bidding on and awarded.
Eligible program participants will be provided a tailored needs assessment that includes educational, technical, and financial literacy components for success. In addition, program participants will be provided one-on-one bonding counseling, project support if awarded a City contract, and access to a $500,000 revolving pool of funds for those in need of assistance to cover costs related to City bonding requirements in order to bid on a City solicitation.
For more information on how to apply for the City of San Antonio Capacity Building & Bonding Assistance Program, visit or call program administrators, Alamo Surety Bonds, at (210) 930-5550 or email at  

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