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Hungry For Education



Denny’s to award $200,000 in scholarships to high school and college students throughout the United States

As part of a national campaign to raise awareness about hunger and increase access to education, Denny’s has partnered with National Council of Negro Women, Inc. (NCNW), the Tom Joyner Foundation and PUSH Excel to sponsor the 2019 NCNW Hungry for Education Tour of seven Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

The tour, organized by NCNW, marks the seventh year of the Denny’s Hungry for Education Scholarship Program. The major initiative kicked off with a press conference at 10 a.m. August 16 at the NCNW national headquarters’ Dorothy I. Height Building, 633 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. John Miller, Denny’s president and CEO, April Kelly-Drummond, head of Diversity, Equality, Inclusion & Multicultural Engagement, Johnnetta Betsch Cole, NCNW’s national president, and Janice Mathis, executive director of NCNW, will be among the officials participating in the event, which is open to the media.

Beginning in September 2019, the NCNW 2019 HFE HBCU Tour will visit seven campuses in six cities to encourage college enrollment, academic excellence, and career preparation for students of all backgrounds. Tour stops will be South Carolina State University and Claflin University, Orangeburg, S.C. (Sept. 7); Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Fla. (Sept. 14); Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga. (Sept. 21); Howard University, Washington, D.C. (Sept. 28); Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, Ohio, (Nov. 2); and Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas (Nov. 6).

As part of its annual Hungry for Education Scholarship Program, Denny’s will be awarding more than $200,000 in scholarships this year to high school and college students who apply this fall. During each stop along the HBCU Tour, Denny’s also will provide $500 meal scholarships to four high school students and four college students, totaling $4,000 at each college stop. The meal scholarships will be a direct tie-in to Denny’s efforts to address food insecurity on HBCU campuses and an extension of the meal swipe initiative, created by Mary-Pat Hector, winner of the HFE scholarship.

During the tour stops, activities will include panel discussions with celebrity HBCU alumni, marching band performances, campus tours, an overview of campus life including admissions, financial aid, and career counseling, information sessions about Denny’s Hungry for Education scholarships and the opportunity to explore careers at Denny’s. Participating high school students also will have the opportunity to meet current college students, professors, and potential employers.

Denny’s Hungry for Education Scholarship Program recognizes and rewards students who show initiative and creativity in the fight against childhood hunger. Partnering with leading nonprofit minority advocacy organizations, Denny’s Hungry for Education program has awarded more than $1,000,000 in scholarships to deserving elementary, high school, and college students since its inception. Just as importantly, the program has implemented student-generated ideas for reducing childhood hunger.

“At Denny’s, we have found that supporting HBCUs is an incredibly effective way to invest in the diverse communities we serve,” said April Kelly-Drummond, head of Diversity Equality Inclusion & Multicultural Engagement. “HBCUs make up only 3 percent of the colleges and universities in the United States, yet they produce 23 percent of African-American college graduates.”

Denny’s President and CEO John Miller said that, “The Hungry for Education Scholarship program benefits the scholarship recipients, of course, but when those students use their scholarships at HBCUs, it’s like we’re investing that scholarship twice—once in today’s student and once in the future students who will benefit from the incredible work that HBCUs are doing.”

Janice Mathis, executive director of NCNW, added, “NCNW is very pleased to have great partners like Denny’s, and our HBCU destinations to help us spread the good news that nothing levels the playing field like education.”

Promoting the importance of HBCUs is critical to these school’s success, said Thomas Joyner, chairman and CEO of the Tom Joyner Foundation, “HBCUs have played and still play a key role in providing a nurturing, tough-love environment for so many students over the years. We’ve been working with Denny’s for more than 18 years, and this tour is another example of how we work together to celebrate these schools and give students access to the information and scholarships needed to help them succeed.”

About Denny’s
Denny’s is one of America’s largest full-service family restaurant chains, currently operating more than 1,700 franchised, licensed, and company-owned restaurants across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Philippines, New Zealand, Honduras, the United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Guam, Guatemala, the United Kingdom, Aruba, El Salvador, and Indonesia. For further information on Denny’s, including news releases, please visit the Denny’s website at, or the brand’s social channels via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Instagram, or YouTube.

About NCNW
National Council of Negro Women is a Washington, D.C.-based charitable organization making a difference in the lives of women, children, and families through a four- pronged strategy that emphasizes entrepreneurship, health equity, STEAM education and civic engagement. Founded nearly 85 years ago, NCNW has 290 community and campus bases sections and thirty-two national affiliates representing more than Two Million women and men. Johnnetta Betsch Cole, Ph.D. is seventh President of NCNW. For more information or to register for the NCNW Hungry for Education Tour, please visit

About Tom Joyner Foundation
The Tom Joyner Foundation ( was founded in 1998 as the brainchild of nationally syndicated radio personality Tom Joyner. The mission of the Foundation is to support historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) with scholarships, endowments and capacity-building enhancements. The Foundation has provided necessary support to every HBCU in its 22-year history to help sustain and preserve the legacies of these valuable institutions. Through fundraising and donor development initiatives, in excess of $66 million has been raised to support more than 31,000 students attending HBCUs. Additionally, the Foundation has recommended internships, offered matching grant support, and career development to deserving students. You can follow them on Facebook.

About PUSH Excel
PUSH Excel strives to be a world leader in promoting educational excellence and equity in funding and allocation of educational resources so that every child is guaranteed an opportunity to receive a quality education. The mission of PUSH Excel is to promote education excellence by engaging the stakeholders in education to work collaboratively to create opportunities, transform the lives of students and improve communities. Davida Mathis, a South Carolina lawyer, volunteers with PUSH Excel to produce King Legacy Week, an innovative introduction to higher education and STEAM careers for SC youth.

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New Book to Heal Broken Relationships Within Black Families



21 Authors Collaborate on New Book to Heal Broken Relationships Within Black Families

Publisher and lead collaborator Monica D. Reed has released “I Am The Voice: Advocacy for the Voiceless,” a well-written collaboration of stories to bring awareness to breaking the barriers within families.

Nationwide — I Am The Voice: Advocacy for the Voiceless is the latest creation of publisher Monica D. Reed, an author, speaker, life coach, and a successful entrepreneur. This book is a powerful stand for the change of family, relationship, and social issues that need to be spoken on so that people can genuinely discover their true identity, purpose, and self-worth, achieve personal goals and move on to a life that is fulfilling and authentically by design.

 Am The Voice is an illuminating inspiration written for the readers to realize that everyone owns the potential to fulfill their life’s purpose after they have released the weight of their past. This book is a gentle reminder that no matter how bleak and terrifying the road may have seemed, success will be on the horizon when you discover your pain is now purpose. The book leaves the reader to strive to heal from the hurt and to create change, and begin to live a life full of love, unity, and legacy.

Author Monica shares insightful awareness of some of the challenges that we face within our families and community along with solutions to nurture and elevate the mind, body, and spirit. The book has brought awareness to how our past has truly impacted our lives, contributed to how we build relationships but also to examples of how we can use our story by turning obstacles into opportunities. The collaboration teaches you how to face the hurt of the past, heal the heart, use the journey of life to create purpose, and execute your goals. When you read this book, you will see that your obstacles do not define you and you will learn how to pursue your destiny on purpose.

Every page of I am the Voice is written with deep personal touch, such that anyone reading this book beginning from the front to back, or maybe one turn to any page and started reading from there, it does not matter; the messages that this book contains will touch the depth of one’s heart in numerous ways. The book features the bold voices of twenty-one different authors including Martha Davidson, Saniya I. Reed, Afrikus Hart, Felicia Brittingham, Chanel Spencer, Makeda-Armorer-Wade, Alfredia Fuller, Eugenia Yvette, Matthew Santana, Jr., Dr. Andrea Blue, Ph.D., Chantai Rae, Abisola Akinwande, and Tracy Young – all of whom are addressing past challenges and now sharing a victory. One must buy this book to get the taste of inspiration as words cannot describe the positive impact of the book. The book has been referred to as a “break-through in a book.”

I Am The Voice: Advocacy for the Voiceless is available for purchase on Amazon or directly from the publishing company at

For more information about Monica Reed, the publisher and lead collaborator of this project, please visit or follow her on Instagram @MonicaDReed

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Black Educators Conference Comes to San Antonio



Educators looking to grow, network, advance professionally, stay informed of legislative initiatives impacting education policy and current 21st century best educational practices are encouraged to attend the premier educational summit known as the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE) State Conference.

San Antonio, Texas has been designated to host this conference, February 20-23, at Hyatt Regency River Walk located at 123 Losoya St. This year’s conference theme is Empowering Educational Excellence through Equity. This conference will provide excellent learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of every educator and is the premier professional development conference for educators.

This conference will unite hundreds of state superintendents, elected officials, central office leaders and teachers.

“We have some outstanding district and campus leaders slated to present,” TABSE President Dr. Kimberly McLeod said. “Districts and schools that have experienced academic success with children of color or low socio-economic status will share their journey to meeting Texas Education Agency accountability standards.”

In addition, there will be career institutes for educational professionals who aspire to be principals, athletic directors or superintendents. TABSE proudly boasts of placing more than 10 superintendents and other educational and campus leaders around the state of Texas who have been trained through the TABSE career institutes.

Additionally, TABSE’s legislative institute has promoted individuals to local and state board positions and have trained them in understanding contributing to educational policy and implementation.

This annual conference is an opportunity that comes once a year to unite and equip educational professionals with a skillset, knowledge base and network to propel them to new professional and experiential heights.

Educators do not want to miss this learning opportunity, so, for more information, visit for additional conference information.

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Champion For A Cause



Serena Williams is Building Schools in Jamaica and Various African Nations 

Nationwide — More than just a tennis champion, Serena Williams has always been a champion for a cause. Through the Serena Williams Fund, new schools are being built in Jamaica and in various countries on the African continent.

Williams, who has a total of 39 Grand Slam titles under her belt, recently built the Marsh Elementary School in Jamaica in conjunction with the nonprofit Helping Hands Jamaica. Schools on the African continent were also built in partnership with Build Africa.

Prior to that, Williams already established grade schools in other African countries including Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Kenya.

Those efforts were part of Williams’ mission through her own non-profit organization called Serena Williams Fund “to promote equity; through education, gender, race, disability, or anything else that stands in the way of someone achieving their goals and living their best possible life.”

“The mission of this charity is to help the individuals or communities affected by to violence, and [to ensure] equal access to education,” Williams said in a statement.

According to Borgen Magazine, the sports superstar “has done extraordinary tasks using her own resources and through partnerships with the Serena Williams Fund and other foundations dedicated to providing and improving education for those in difficult conditions or developing countries. Her active role has notably left a mark on those who have had their lives changed significantly through this act of kindness.”

Williams, who is named as a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador, also founded Serena Ventures which aims to invest in early-stage companies to give them wider opportunities to grow.

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