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Massage Parlors Could Get Stricter Rules



Following complaints of drugs and prostitution at local massage parlors, Councilman Cruz Shaw worked with the San Antonio Police Department to update and amend the existing ordinance to make stricter penalties.

“I’m glad this item is moving forward to the next phase for approval,” said Councilman Shaw. “Through a community-driven process, the city is creating policy that will target bad actors and eliminate activities that often contribute to human trafficking. This proposal is simply making it easier for law enforcement to do their job.”

Since 2017, a total of 28 investigations have been completed resulting in 48 citations, 19 arrests and the closure of two establishments by SAPD’s Vice Unit, in coordination with the City Attorney’s Office, Development Services, Health Department and the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. The overwhelming majority of violations can be attributed to approximately 15 establishments within the city.

Earlier in March, three massage businesses were shut down in Leon Valley for violations with prostitution. Typically, investigations are comprised of an internet search on prominent review sites to determine if the establishment in question has a history of illegal activities followed by an undercover operation that includes an attempt to obtain prostitution services.

The owner is responsible for criminal activity even if the owner had no knowledge of the illegal activity. Individuals arrested for illegal activity are reported to the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation which may choose to revoke the individual’s massage license. The City may file a lawsuit against a business in an effort to force the business to close once a minimum of six cases related to sexual, drug-related or violent crimes occur at the property.o

To update and amend the existing ordinance, the following amendments have been identified:

  • Require businesses cited for the following violations within a 12 month period to obtain city permit ($75 fee):
    • Charge of any violation of the Penal Code
    • Three or more minimum housing violations
    • Failure to post TDLR license for business, owner and/or masseur
  • Increase penalty for operating without a permit from $200 to $500
  • Add criminal violations as basis for revocation
  • Revocation of certificate of occupancy following multiple violations
  • Prohibit businesses from having sleeping quarters and metal doors
Businesses cited for violations will have its permit revoked which will also result in the loss of its certificate of occupancy for the property. The city will begin the process to engage stakeholders in reviewing changes to the ordinance. The amendments will then be submitted to full City Council for consideration. A draft of the proposed ordinance can be viewed here.


American Tax Geeks is Giving $112 Million to African Americans to Start Thousands of Franchises



Nationwide — American Tax Geeks is known as the franchise company that pays all of the startup costs for it’s franchise owners. But now they’re specifically giving $112 million to African Americans to start an American Tax Geeks franchise. They pay your startup costs, provide employee training, and much much more. Their popular franchise model of paying for the startup costs of their franchise owners has allowed them to become the fastest growing franchise ever, with 10,000 locations for next tax season.

According to Derrick Smith, Director of Operations, “We have received a tremendous amount of applicants that want to become American Tax Geeks franchise owners, but we want to see more diversity with our franchise owners. We have apportioned specific amounts of resources for all minority franchise applicants and specifically we want at least 20 percent of our franchise locations to be owned by African Americans. We have allocated $112 million that will go towards paying for all of the startup costs of thousands of new African American franchise owners across the country. We pay several thousands in startup costs for each franchise owner. I encourage any African American that is an aspiring business owner to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to become an American Tax Geeks franchise owner with absolutely no upfront startup costs.”

Furthermore, in addition to paying all of your startup costs, right now they’re also waiving their $40,000 initial franchise fee. With annual gross income for franchise owners being around $200K, it’s truly one of the best franchises opportunities ever.

And tax preparation is an industry that’s truly always in demand. The latest fiscal year count available from the IRS shows that more than 83 million taxpayers paid someone to prepare their federal tax return. American Tax Geeks franchise owners don’t need any prior tax experience because the actual tax work is performed by their employees and managers.

American Tax Geeks provides their franchise owners with a store location, employee training, marketing support, and everything that they need to get started and succeed without spending one penny. This is truly how more franchise companies need to operate.

To learn more about becoming an American Tax Geeks franchise owner, go to right now, before it’s too late.

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New Rosa Parks Barbie



Nationwide — Rosa Parks, known as the Mother of the Modern Civil Rights Movement, is being honored with a Barbie doll that resembles her. Children can now play with a toy that will truly  inspire them, but the doll is also expected to be popular with collectors.

Mattel, the makers of Barbie, is recognizing the achievements of many historical women including Rosa Parks who “made the world better for future generations of girls.”

“By celebrating their achievements with dolls made in their likeness, we hope girls will be inspired to pursue their dreams,” a spokesperson for Mattel told CNN.

The Barbie doll will feature Parks’ authentic clothing and accessories as well as educational material about her contributions to society.

The launch of the new dolls comes as part of the brand’s Inspiring Women Series which aims to honor historical role models who paved the way for generations of girls to dream bigger.

Moreover, Mattel stated that research found that girls from the age of 5 are more likely than boys to experience the “Dream Gap” wherein they could feel like their own gender isn’t smart and competent enough. To address that, showing girls more role models and telling their stories could be beneficial.

Other women who are part of the new collection are Katherine Johnson, Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart, and Sally Ride.

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Black Women & Stress



Stress, Depression & Anxiety: An Escalating Epidemic For Professional Black Woman

Nationwide — Half of black American women report that they experience severe stress, while only a quarter of Caucasian women in the US report extreme stress. Research indicates that black women are also more likely to experience major depression and anxiety disorders, and Black women’s symptoms are more severe than those of their white counterparts.

In addition, African American woman are disproportionally affected by stress-related diseases like hypertension, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Dr. Adwoa Akhu, an expert in stress management, shows women of color how to stop running on empty so they can think, feel, and live better, with increased joy and decreased stress.

“The first step toward alleviating the heavy weight carried by the ‘strong black woman’, as well as addressing the resulting mental and physical damage, is the practice of self-care,” explains Dr. Akhu, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and founder of the Redefining the Strong Black Woman movement.

Dr. Akhu says that black woman can reduce their stress levels and increase joy by incorporating the following three tools into their hectic lives:

* Focusing on gratitude

* Learning to meditate

* Engaging in daily self-care

Dr. Akhu’s new book, Cultivating Inner Peace: A Sustainable System for Professional Black Women, documents her simple to follow, time tested, powerful system. Cultivating Inner Peacemakes it easy to draw in the positive, clear out the negative, and use even small windows of time to foster mindfulness, clarity, and joy in our daily lives, which will lead to better relationships with ourselves and others.

Cultivating Inner Peace is:

* A practical system: it provides maximum insight in minimum time from brief, specially formatted chapters that make it easy for busy people to consume in just a few minutes at a time.

* Spiritually based and supported by science: powerful spiritual wisdom that is validated by psychological research.

* Easy to relate to: Dr. Akhu includes examples from her personal experience as well as stories from people she has helped to illustrate real-world applications of the program.

Dr. Akhu is an author, speaker, and former president of the NY Association of Black Psychologists who regularly teaches NYPD Hostage Negotiators about mental health and mental illness. She is a master workshop facilitator, offering topics such as: Redefining What it Means to be a “Strong Black Woman,” Working on Empty: The Antidote for Secondhand Stress, and Rewiring the Brain to Combat Stressful Involuntary Bias. Dr. Akhu is also a wife and mother of two girls.

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