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Save the Date: Oct. 9 Last Day to Register for General Election



Don’t let your vote get left out. To vote in the Nov. 6 general election, residents must register by Tuesday, Oct. 9.

Early voting takes place from Monday, Oct. 22 to Friday, Nov. 2. You can confirm your registration status on this website by going to Am I Registered? where you will select one of three methods for conducting your search, such as providing your driver’s license number and date of birth.

If you have more questions about the voting process, go here.

Below are just a few of the candidates who will need your vote during the general election. To see the full list, go here.

U.S. Senator

Republican (Rep) – Ted Cruz
Democrat (Dem) – Beto O’Rourke
Libertarian (Lib) – Neal M. Dikeman

U.S. Representative District 20

Dem – Joaquin Castro
Lib – Jeffrey Blunt

U.S. Representative District 21

Rep – Chip Roy
Dem – Lee Santos

U.S. Representative District 23

Rep – Will Hurd
Dem – Gina Ortiz Jones
Lib – Ruben Corvalan


Rep – Greg Abbott
Dep – Lupe Valdez
Lib – Mark Jay Tippetts



Councilman Shaw Resigns from City Council




SAN ANTONIO (Dec. 13, 2018) —
Effective January 7, 2019, Councilman William “Cruz” Shaw is resigning from his position on City Council as he has accepted an offer to become associate judge of the 436th Judicial District Court.

“It has been an honor and privilege to serve the people of District 2 and collaborate with the staff at the City of San Antonio,” said Councilman Shaw. “I am grateful for this opportunity to work with the youth in San Antonio who have found their way into the criminal justice system. I want to make clear to the people in District 2 that there will be no interruption in services and council staff will continue to address all constituent concerns.”

The City will release the details for filling the District 2 vacancy in the coming days.


View resignation letter

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Bexar County Voters Make Decisions in Midterm Election




Bexar County residents went to the polls Nov. 6 and spoke loudly with their vote on proposed city charter amendments and annexation.

Voters overwhelmingly said no to annexation to land around Camp Bullis and Lackland. On the proposed amendments, voters were more split.

“San Antonio voters sent a strong message last night. By rejecting Proposition A, voters made it crystal clear they are tired of special interest politics and want us to continue moving forward down the path of prosperity and economic growth,” said San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg. “Citizens were also clear that they want us to limit City Manager compensation. Their wishes will be front and center as we determine the path forward. While I did not believe Proposition C was the best path forward, the voters also made clear they are tired of the conflict between the union and the city.”


The San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association conducted a petition drive seeking three changes to the City Charter. The proposed changes will be enacted only if they are approved by San Antonio voters on Nov. 6. The following are summaries of the proposed changes.

PROPOSITION A – Voters said AGAINST – 54 percent of vote

Shall the City Charter be amended to expand the types of ordinances that may be subject to referendum including appropriation of money, levying a tax, granting a franchise, fixing public utility rates, zoning and rezoning of property; increase the number of days within which a petition may be filed seeking a referendum on an ordinance passed by council from forty to one hundred eighty days after passage of the ordinance; and to provide that no more than twenty thousand signatures of registered voters are required for a referendum petition instead of ten percent of those electors qualified to vote at the last regular municipal election?

PROPOSITION B – Voters said FOR – 59 percent of vote 

Shall the City Charter be amended to limit the term the City Manager may serve to no longer than eight years, limit the compensation of the City Manager to no more than ten times the annual salary furnished to the lowest paid full-time city employee, and to require a supermajority vote to appoint the City Manager?

PROPOSITION C – Voters said FOR – 50 percent of vote 

Shall the City Charter be amended to provide the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 624 with unilateral authority to require the City to participate in binding arbitration of all issues in dispute with the Association within forty-five days of the City’s receipt of the Association’s written arbitration request?


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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Vote




Didn’t have a chance to make it out to early voting? Or were you one of the many voters who thought early voting continued today?

Tomorrow is your last chance (from 7 am to 7 pm) to let your voice be heard. If the thought of standing in line for hours is too fearful, here are some of the top reasons why you should vote:

  • Voting is the great equalizer. The richest billionaire in America gets just one vote, the same as me.
  • The people who don’t want you to vote because they are afraid of how you’ll vote – have won.

Source: (

  • To honor people who struggled for civil rights, women’s suffrage, disability and equal rights and the ideals of justice for all whose diverse voices are essential for our nation’s moral health and community vitality. Freedom needs affirmation.
  • Regret is preventable. Nov. 7 is one day too late, and “could have, should have” are sorry alternatives to acting. Have a “no excuses” attitude by committing to vote, ask others to join us in voting, and promote a positive approach to making a difference among family, friends and colleagues.
  • Non-voters are voiceless and by not participating can become victims of their own neglect.


Voting Information:

Acceptable forms of photo ID to Bring:

  • Texas Driver License issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
  • Texas Personal Identification Card issued by DPS
  • Texas Handgun License issued by DPS
  • United States Military Identification Card containing the person’s photograph
  • United States Citizenship Certificate containing the person’s photograph
  • United States Passport (book or card)
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